Lifetime Satisfaction

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Already known for building custom pistols among the best in the world, Guncrafter Industries took the first step in making it clear, when it comes to customer service we stand 100% behind our products. Simply put, it is a “Here is where we stand” as to customer service and our confidence in our pistols. We have been breaking new ground since we started in 2004 with the Model No. 1, a .50 caliber 1911 built to exceptional standards and has been elevating the bar ever since. This is another industry leading move, to let every Guncrafter Industries customer know that we have their back – you simply cannot go wrong with a GCI pistol!

The Lifetime Satisfaction Assurance is a document that will arrive with every GCI pistol along with a detailed test target, including the serial number for that custom 1911, the test shooter’s sign-off and Alex Zimmermann’s signature. Alex final inspects every pistol and personally test fires many of them, so it is very important to him that the customer is aware of the extreme care and attention to detail that goes into every pistol we ship. The Lifetime Satisfaction Assurance basically states that when used for its intended purpose Guncrafter Industries will stand fully behind every pistol we build, period.
In addition, we now offer an annual Wellness Check for any customer that wants to send their pistol in to be looked over and to give them peace of mind when putting it back into service. Just two simple ways to enable customers to be confident in their investments while enjoying them at the same time, who could ask for more.

This doesn’t mean that we are not going to take care of customers that purchased their pistols before this new addition, in fact you can send your pistol in and for $50 we will not only provide a test fire target, we will look and re-certify it as all Guncrafter and return it to you with the signed policy and target. (return shipping charges not included)